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In the past the kings of Hunza state used to have a sort of library at the Baltit Fort, in wooden boxes containing the letters from neighboring states, land treaties and hand written manuscripts of books related to history, healings, religious works and family records. This stock of manuscripts was taken away by the fleeing ruler of Hunza Mir originally called Tham Safdarali Khan in December 1891 along with him to Kashgar (China) during the British invasion. The remaining stock of such manuscripts and letters were gathered by the British forces, so far not traced. [Knight.E.F. 1893, 1919 Where Three Empires Meet,  Publisher: Longmans (London), Reprint: Sang-e-Meel Publications (Lahore) 1991 Chapter: XXIX Page: 478, 484 and 485 ] 

Soon after the restoration of this fort, consultants advised to establish a reference library, housing every possible available book and paper concerning the social topics of Central Aisa in general and particularly Hunza. Thus to day our library contains a modest but very selective collection of such materials. It is now furnished with good computer and internet services through a generous grant from PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), for local and foreign readers and writers. Since this is a reference library, therefore books are offered for study at the premises only. In addition we are working on to preserve old photos and papers in digital format on CDs. To enhance this collection individuals and organizations are most welcomed to make any contributions or donations in the form of books or any funds.


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